Check out

Check out

By Alena Lien, 

11 September 2018

"Check out" has 7 definitions - 5 are formal, and 2 are considered informal.


1.   When you leave a hotel or a hospital, usually after paying the bill.

  • "Are you checking out?"

  • "We have to check out at 11am tomorrow morning."

2.   To examine something to learn more about it.

  • "Check out my new website!"

3.   To examine information to be correct, or true, or satisfactory.

  • "The police is checking out the witness' story."

4.   To examine something in order to pass a test.

  • "This machine checks out, so let's move onto the next one."

5.   To get examined at the doctor's.

  • "If you're not feeling well, you should get yourself checked out."

6.   (informal) To assess someone's physical appearance.

  • "Check out that guy over there."

7.   (informal) To be mentally or emotionally absent, either from tiredness, frustration, hopelessness or a loss of interest.

  • "On the last day of the project, she completely checked out because of all the stress."

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