3 more phrasal verbs with "Sleep"

3 more phrasal verbs with "Sleep"

By Alena Lien, 

12 April 2021

These phrasal verbs relate to sex, rather than actually sleeping. The word, "sleep," is often used as a euphemism for "sex" - particularly when talking about consenting adults. 

The word "sex" is considered quite blunt and still a taboo subject in many parts of the English speaking world - so using "sleep" instead is less direct and more acceptable.

I have also included a few phrases that you can use that refers to sleeping with someone without the sex.

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Sleep around

-   (informal) To have many casual sex partners. 

This is usually used in a disapproving way and is inseparable.

  • "Just because you don't sleep around doesn't mean you're not at risk of getting an STI."

  • "I don't want to marry someone who sleeps around."

Sleep with

-   (informal) To have sex with someone.

This is inseparable.

  • "Did you hear? She got promoted because she's been sleeping with the boss."

  • "He found out his girlfriend slept with his best friend while they were on a break."

Preposition: With 

-   Accompanied by (another person or thing)

When referring to adults, "sleep with" will always imply sex. 

When talking about children or immediate family however, it is common to say that they were accompanied by something or someone else while they slept.

  • "Our son used to sleep with his teddy bear when he was a baby."

  • "It's fairly common for children to sleep with their parents."

Sleep together

-   (informal) To have sex with each other.

This also usually implies they are not married to each other.

  • "I do not want to think about them sleeping together."

  • "We slept together for the first time last night."

Adverb: Together

-   With each other

Again, when referring to adults, "sleep together" will always imply sex. 

When talking about children or immediate family however, it usually means they are sharing a bed.

  • "My sibling and I used to sleep together until we moved to a bigger house."

Expressions for sleeping together without sex

Here are a few expressions you can use if you want to say that people slept in the same bed without having sex. Additionally, providing more context will also help.

Please note: Some people will still like to believe that something more happened - this is unavoidable.

"Sleep in the same bed (with)"

  • "We sleep in the same bed, that's all."

  • "I had to sleep in the same bed with Wally because the hotel messed up our booking."

"Share a bed (with)"

  • "On our trip, we sometimes shared a bed to save some money."

  • "My mum made me share my bed with my cousin when she came over for summer."