5 phrasal verbs with "Come up"

5 phrasal verbs with "Come up"

By Alena Lien, 

18 September 2020

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Come up

1.   To move towards someone, usually to talk.

  • "Some random person came up to me and asked if I had any cheese."

2.   To be mentioned or talked about in conversation.

  • "The issue regarding the delivery never came up in the meeting."

3.   When something happens unexpectedly and has to be dealt with immediately.

  • "Something came up at home. I have to go."

4.   When something is about to happen soon.

  • "We should prepare for the busy period (that is) coming up."

5.   When something appears.

- When the sun, moon or stars appear in the sky.

  • "Expect the roosters to crow when the sun comes up."

- When information appears on something like a computer screen.

  • "Jake's number came up when my phone rang."

- When a plant grows and appears above the ground.

  • "It doesn't matter what I do, weeds keep coming up."

6.   To be tall, deep, or long enough to reach a particular level.

  • "The grass came up to my knees."

7.   When a job opportunity becomes available.

  • "A position in the HR department has come up if you're interested."

8.   To become richer, more powerful, or more successful than before.

  • "It's hard to come up in a dog eat dog world."

9.   When someone's number or name is selected in a lottery or game.

  • "There are certain numbers that always come up in the national lottery."

10.   To travel to a place, either further north or a higher level.

  • "My relatives are coming up from Australia for the wedding."

  • "Come up to the roof, there's a better view from here."

Come up against (something)

-   To deal with a problem.

  • "We came up against some difficulties when the investigation began."

Come up for (something)

-   To reach the time at which something should happen.

Its use is more formal.

Something can come up for renewal/review/sale.

  • "The contract will come up for renewal next month."

Or come up for discussion/debate.

  • "The issue regarding waste removal came up for discussion in our last meeting."

Come up to (something)

-   To reach the usual or necessary standard.

  • "I think it's very creative but unfortunately it doesn't come up to my expectations."

This is very similar to "meet" when it means "to fulfil or satisfy."

  • "It doesn't meet my expectations."

Come up with (something)

-   To suggest or think of an idea or plan.

  • "They came up with a lot of great ideas to improve work efficiency."

Related Expressions

"Be coming up" - to be happening soon.

  • "The results are coming up soon."

"Coming right up" is a common expression to say that something will be served or delivered very quickly - usually by a waiter.

  • "Grilled cheese sandwich coming right up!"

"Come up with the goods" is an informal idiom - to produce what is wanted.

  • "We'll just wait and see if they're able to come up with the goods."

"Come up for air" is an informal expression - to raise one's head out of the water in order to breathe.

  • "She couldn't hold her breath any longer and eventually came up for air."