Look (up/down)

Look (up/down)

By Alena Lien, 

27 September 2020

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Look up

1.   When a situation becomes better or improves.

["look up"]

  • "I really hope things will start to look up in the new year."

  • "He was really struggling with the breakup, but now things are starting to look up."

2.   To search and find a piece of information - in a book, list, or computer.

You can also look for a person's name or information relevant to their name.

["look up"] + [something/someone]

["look"] + [something/someone] + ["up"]

  • "It's really easy to look words up online when I read ebooks."

  • "If you look up Marilyn Monroe, you'll see all the movies she was in."

3.   To visit or see someone.

["look up"] + [someone]

["look"] + [someone/pronoun] + ["up"]

  • "My dad likes to look up old friends when he travels to Malaysia."

  • "Look me up whenever you're in Melbourne."

4.   To admire and respect someone.

["look up to"] + [someone]

  • "They always looked up to their boss."

Look down

-   To think you're better than someone.

["look down on"] + [someone]

  • "Just because they disagree with you doesn't mean you can look down on them."